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We are proud to announce that we have recently upgraded our drilling fleet with a 2007 Mayhew HD-44.



We have drilled hundreds of domestic, municipal, and irrigation water wells in the North Texas area and are still going strong.  All of the materials we use meet or surpass the requirements set by the State of Texas.




Our drilling rigs require a working radius of 70-75 feet from the location of the well head.  Once the rig is in place we will need clear access to at least three sides.  We will also need an area large enough to dig a 6' x 20' circulation pit.



The Completed Well

On a domestic water well we will drill an 8 1/2" hole to a depth we will estimate based upon your location and your water needs.  Once the test hole has been drilled and it is decided to complete the well we will then set either new steel casing or new SDR 17 PVC casing depending on depth.  In the zone of water bearing formation sand and on the bottom of the casing we will set either pipe based heavy duty stainless steel screen or slotted PVC screen pipe.  Both the steel and PVC screen have slots which are designed to allow maximum water to pass without allowing any sand inside the casing.  Once the casing and screened pipe are in place we will then gravel pack with selected frac sand up through the water sand formation.  Cementing pipe will then be ran into the well and the annular void between the casing and bored hole will then be pressure cemented from the top of the gravel pack to ground level.  Your new water well will then be thoroughly washed and developed to promote maximum capacity.


Below our crew is pressure cementing the annular space between the casing and bored hole.



The Pump & Motor

Once the well is completed we will furnish and install a deep well submersible pump.  The submersible pumps we have available are designed to give almost any demand required depending on the capacity of the well.  The pump selected will range from a horse power to  a 5 horse power, depending on your water needs and the depth of the static level.  The pumps we install operate on 230 volt, single phase electricity.  Pump will be set to a sufficient depth below the water static level on column pipe with heavy duty couplings to resist corrosion.  The submersible pump cable installed is matched to the demand of the pump and is double jacketed for safety.  Included will be 10' of electrical and service tie in allowance.  We will also furnish well head plumbing, pump control box and overload protector for protection of the motor.  Given the efficiency of the pump and motor installed and based on your electricity service rate, your operating costs will be between 16-25 cents per 1000 gallons pumped.

Below is a finished well head which can be covered with a fiberglass cover or wrapped with insulation for winterizing.




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